Evidence Based Nordic Medical Pole Walking Exercise Program 80% patient retention with Home Program

Dr. Michael Klaper

Nordic traveler $99.50

1 Pair Snow Baskets $9.50

Colleagues enjoying the health benefits of Nordic walking

1 Pair of outdoor Boots

1 Pair  of Indoor Boots

"Our Doctors are Walking The Path of Wellness"

Exercise Video D.V.D$5.00

                                                               We Believe In Lifestyle Changes

                                                       Together we are going to change the world

Our mission is to help people make changes in their Lifestyles by providing innovative prescriptions for Health and Wellness, tailored to the individual, with Nordic Pole Walking, Stretching, Breathing Exercises, combined with a Healthy Whole Foods Based Nutrition.

Dr. Scott Stoll

Ultimate Warrior Max $134.50

Dr. Ernie Bodai

Nordic Walking Nations

​                        Nordic Walking Pole

​ fitness                        Exercise                   Weight Loss

Ultimate warrior $127.50


Dr. Hans Diehl

 3 Piece Nation's High Grade Aluminum Pole or a 2pcs. Carbon  fiber Pole - Pair Ergonomic Quick Release Gloves -1 Nation's Travel Pole Tote - 2 Pairs of outdoor rubber boots - 2 pair indoor rubber boots -1 Pair of Trail Tips - 1 Pair of Carbide Tips - 1 Pair of Beach Baskets -plus down loadable exercise program included  Available on D.V. D $ 5.00

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