All Doctors & Instructors need a Referral
            Number before Enrollment

                                              Lifestyle Medicine the Future of Healthcare!

                                                                  (After reading the 4 steps – click Blue enrollment button below)

How to enroll in four easy steps is for Healthcare Providers and Certified Instructors only. All patients
and clients should only be sent to to purchase their
pole sets unless you choose to carry poles sets in your office which we highly recommend.

Step 1- Tell us about yourself - Put in your referral I.D. # (making sure the referral number is
correct) then fill out the rest of that section by ending up with your S.S. # or E.I.N. #
Rank - Lifestyle Consultant has 2 choices, carry poles in their office or send their patients or
clients to our address to order their pole sets. You also
have an option to sign up others to become consultants like you in or out of your office. This will
provide long term income on 3 levels of consultants

Enrollment Package - Launch Package to get started $670.00. It includes 6 sets of aluminum poles
and 2 sets of carbon fiber poles (wholesale value $546.00) , life time - online Certifications for you
and your office staff, ($200.00 value per certification), 1- waiting room education D.V.D. ($39.95
value), 1 year of our Education and Marketing program ($240.00 value) which includes a monthly
newsletter on the health benefits of Nordic Walking that you can email to patients or clients and our
ongoing library of brochures, exercise handouts, office forms, power point presentations for talks to
large or small businesses or service clubs. Total Package value $2,025.95

Step 2 - Enter Payment Information

Step 3 -  Set Up Your Password For Future Orders

You will need to fill in this section of the form to complete enrollment.
Enter your full name then create your password. This password will be very important to you later on

if you wish to reorder poles from the provider/instructor catalogue.

Step 4 - Complete Your Order - for Final Confirmation:
Check off box- I agree to the terms and conditions, press Complete My Enrollment.
You will now receive your ID#.


Wellness Through Integrated Healthcare

To be certified as an Instructor click the button below to be transferred to our testing sight. Where you will find the three sections of information followed by a 50 question yes/no test.