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Evidence Based Nordic Pole Walking  Programs 

1 Pair Snow Baskets $9.50

Ultimate Warrior Max $134.50

 3 Piece Nation's High Grade Aluminum Pole or a 2pcs. Carbon  fiber Pole - Pair Ergonomic Quick Release Gloves -1 Nation's Travel Pole Tote - 2 Pairs of outdoor rubber boots - 2 pair indoor rubber boots -1 Pair of Trail Tips - 1 Pair of Carbide Tips - 1 Pair of Beach Baskets -plus down loadable exercise program included  Available on D.V. D $ 5.00

Dr. Michael Klaper

Dr. Hans Diehl

Exercise Video D.V.D$5.00

Dr. Ernie Bodai

Ultimate warrior $127.50

                                  Nordic Walking Nations Home Exercise Program
Have you implemented a successful Patient Home Exercise Program Yet? Can it improve Patient Functional Outcomes on a Monthly basis? Does it provide Full Body Aerobic, Resistant, Cross Motor Function exercises? How successful is your Home Exercise Program based upon Compliance rate? 0-25% Not Successful, 25- 40% Partly Successful, 40-75+% Very Successful! Nordic Walking Nations home program has a 75+% Compliance rate!

Nordic traveler $99.50

"Our Doctors are Walking The Path of Wellness"

Dr. Scott Stoll

Colleagues enjoying the health benefits of Nordic walking

1 Pair of outdoor Boots

1 Pair  of Indoor Boots

​                 $16.00