1. Can anyone pole walk?

Yes, age is not a barrier. The poles improve balance and stability making you more confident as you continue to strengthen and tone your body. Feel fit and fabulous while you walk and children love it too. You can walk, run, jump, train, simply and safely. Make this sporting activity a family affair that is fun for all ages helping to bridge the generation gap.

2. How fit do I have to be for Nordic Pole Walking? 

If you are out of shape, it’s no problem! This is truly a low-impact activity enjoyed at all fitness levels.

3. Is this the same as Trekking Poles

No, this is an entirely different revolutionary exercise. Trekking Poles are held in front of the body for balance and reducing energy. Nordic Walking Poles are used behind the body and engages the muscles of the upper body while reducing the ground force impacts on joints, which burn more energy and calories.

4. Can I use Nordic Walking Poles to replace my walking cane?

No, Nordic Walking Poles are not intended to be a balance aid.

5. How much is this going to cost me?

Nordic Walking is a very inexpensive way to get in shape! The cost for good poles vary from leading brands ranging from $100-$200 and the activity can be performed virtually anywhere - no gym fees are required! Nations Walking Poles include an added value of additional accessories not included with other leading brands. 

6. Can Nations Poles be used on indoor tracks or shopping malls?

Yes, but in order to avoid damage due to the poles carbide tips, you should have on the road rubber feet.

7. Why Adjustable Walking Poles vs. one piece poles?

An adjustable Walking Pole is your best choice for an accurate custom fit for you or anyone using your poles. People are of different heights and have different torsos and arm lengths.

8. What are the Walking Poles made of ?

Nations Walking Poles are (7075) aluminum shafts which are 60% stronger than most other brands (6061) aluminum pole.

9. Where can I use Nations Walking Poles?

Pretty much anywhere - Nations Walking Poles are designed to make a simple walk around your neighborhood into an effective and full-body exercise.


Frequently Asked Questions

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