Deluxe Package - In office sales

6 sets of Nordic Walking Poles (5 Aluminum sets and1 Carbon Fiber set - wholesale value $480.00)
Patient waiting room DVD ($25.00) 1 year of our Education & Marketing Program which includes a quarterly email Newsletter on the benefits of Nordic Walking1st year Licensing Fee for use of our R.E.M. program which includes any new upgrades. (value $120.00) Yearly renewal licensing fee $120.00. Nordic Walking Nations is donating a set of our carbon fiber poles ($127.50 value) in your name to the Wounded Warrior Program to help disabled veterans with their rehabilitation. This occurs with each yearly license renewal by you.

Total Package $497.00 (Wholesale value $625.00)


  How to enroll in our program

​Basic Package

2 sets of Nordic Walking Poles ( 1 Aluminum and 1 carbon )

Includes everything in the Delux Package except less poles

Total Package $297.00 (Value $329.00 )

​                                                  Nations R.E.M. Program   

 Wholesale Purchase – Healthcare Provider or Consultant can receive 35% off Retail purchase price on 10 pole sets packages on their order.  

Retail Purchase – Patient or Client pays Retail price and Healthcare Provider or Consultant earns 15% of purchase price, based upon how many Pole Sets they order.

Optional Affiliate Earned Income Plan for Providers or Consultants
Tier 1 - 8% of purchase price
Tier 2 - 5% of purchase price
Tier 3 - 3% of purchase price

 Benefits of Enrolling into Our Licensed R.E.M. Program        

1 - 35% off Retail Price on 10 pole sets packages.

2 - Earn 15% income from Patient/Client Retail purchase.                                

3 - Rehabilitation, Education and Marketing (R.E.M.) Information.

4 - Optional 3 Tier Earned Income Plan.