Calories Burned
How does Nordic Pole Walking compare to other exercises. Nordic Pole Walking helps burn more calories per hour than just walking alone because you are using 90% of your bodies muscles and doing resistance training with each stride. The more muscle engagement during exercise, the more calorie and glucose you burn.
(Individual rates depend on body composition and fitness.)
Calorie Burning Rated per HR:
Nordic Pole Walking - 600-900 Kcal.
Regular Walking - 240 Kcal.
Slow Jogging - 280 Kcal.
Swimming - 330 Kcal.

Weight Loss and Body Mass Index
Nordic Pole Walking is easy to do and is the recommended physical activity for over weight people who want to lose weight and get healthy without having to do the strenuous and boring exercises. Those with a body mass index of over 28 are usually not committed to running or intense aerobic exercises due to the additional physical stress placed on their bodies.
Because you are using up to 90% of your body muscles when you Nordic Pole Walk, the calorie burn is on the average 20% - 30% higher than walking alone. Combined with a  sensible diet Nordic Pole Walking is not only a fun way to loose weight but it will also help keep the weight off.


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​​​Nordic Pole Walking helps develop endurance!
Because you are using 90% of your body muscles, you can increase your endurance faster with Nordic Pole Walking. Even though you might be walking slower than you would be with regular walking, you achieve the same result with Maximal aerobic power, increased heart rate and higher caloric expenditure. The perceived rate of exertion does not differ from regular walking.
Study: Ripatti (2002)

* studied 24 individuals who did Nordic Pole Walking for 6 weeks 2 times a week for 60 minutes. This improved their endurance capacity even walking at lower speeds.

​Walk Your Way To A Better YOU​

Pole Walking Muscles
It’s easy to understand why Nordic Pole Walking has become so popular around the world today. Even though it is a low-impact exercise, it has maximum Health Benefits proven with over 350 Medical studies. Did you know that 50% of your body’s muscles are above the waist line. When you Nordic Pole Walk, not only are you doing aerobic exercise, you are also doing resistance training at the same time. This is giving you a full body workout in half the time as regular walking and working twice as many muscles without the perception of increased exercise. This is based upon proper Nordic Pole Walking technique recommended by the American Nordic Walking Association. We know that the more body muscles you use during any exercise routine the better!

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A 1997 study showed the increased training effects of Nordic Pole walking when compered to exercising using a stationary bicycle or regular walking. You can receive this increased training  effect without experiencing any more exhaustion than regular walking.

Additional Finding:

* 23% more Oxygen Uptake

* 22% higher Caloric Expenditure

* 16% higher Heart Rate Response​